T H E   H O U S E   O F   A E S T H E



                       All the products listed below:




            This product puts the smile back on your face and the sparkle in your eye!




                                              Skin Anti-Aging - Derma-Nu

         Derma-Nu is a reversionary and innovative internal skincare program.

            It is specifically formulated to work below the surface of the skin.




                               Memory Enhancer  -  S.M.A.R.T. Drops

                    Sharpens mental powers & memory to a razor's edge!




                                     Body Schulpture  -  Cellu-Retic

                              Gets rid of cellulite and helps to combat water retention.




                                                           Weightloss  - 

    These products are made from plant and herbal extracts … 100% natural!


                                                         The Solution -

                 An eight (8) week programme - lose 2 to 3 kg per week!



                                              Drop-by-Drop  - 

                     An eight (8) week programme – lose 2 to 3kg per week!



                                                 Mini-Slim  - 

                       A Fourteen (14) day programme – lose up to 7kg!



                                               Quick & Thin  - 

                          A seven (7) day programme – lose up to 4 kg!


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